Collection: Jorge Ramos

He is from Bahia, born in Ipirá, but was raised in Cachoeira. Journalist, graduated from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), was president of the Union of Professional Journalists of Bahia (Sinjorba) and worked for the newspaper Diário de Notícias; on TV's Bandeirantes, Aratu, Bahia, Santa Cruz (Itabuna) and Educativa. He currently directs the Journalism Center at the Bahia Educational Radio Broadcasting Institute (Irdeb). He taught at the Faculty of Communication (Facom) at UFBA, at the Faculty 2 de Julho and at the Faculty of Tourism of Bahia. He was undersecretary of Communications at Salvador City Hall and worked in the Press Office of several public bodies in Bahia, such as the Castro Alves Theater and the Environmental Institute (IMA). He also worked in Angola, in the area of ​​training and professional training in journalism. He published, through Solisluna Editora, the book “O Semeador de Orquestras: História de um Maestro Abolicionista” in 2011.
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