Collection: Sonia Rangel

Born in Rio de Janeiro and residing in Salvador since 1970, the author is an artist and actress. He is an Associate and Permanent Professor in the Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts – School of Theater; and in the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts – School of Fine Arts, both at the Federal University of Bahia. She is a researcher linked in the CNPQ group directory to the Interdisciplinary Group for Research and Extension in Contemporaneity, Imaginary and Theatricality (GIPE-CIT) and to Dramatis: Media, Theories, Criticism and Creation. She is a founding member of the Brazilian Association for Research and Postgraduate Studies in Performing Arts (Abrace). Through Solisluna Editora he published the books “CasaTempo”, “Olho Desarmado”, “Trajeto Criativo” and “Protocolo Lunar”.
Retrato de Sonia Rangel