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María Teresa Andruetto, Arroyo Cabral, Córdoba, Argentina, 1954. From a farm in the mountains of Córdoba, this Argentinian woman won, with her books, the hearts of young people and adults from all over the world. In them, he tells stories full of memories and longing; of lonely men and women; of anguish for his country and also, in the midst of these feelings, of great joy in life. In his novels, life itself passes slowly, as in his homeland, the setting for most of them. In addition to poetry, which he writes with passion, he has dedicated himself to teaching and reflecting on children's literature for years. In 2009, he received the V SM Ibero-American Prize for Children's and Young Adult Literature and, in 2012, the highest award given to an author of children's books, the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.
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