Collection: Ludmila Bertie

Born in Salvador, Bahia. Graduated in Journalism from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Ludmila is the great-niece of Adonias Filho. He grew up hearing stories about the writer, but only really discovered his books when he was studying journalism. His passion for his great-uncle's work resulted in a work to complete his university course. The writer worked on Communication projects for the Angolan government, living in Luanda for two years. In Brazil, she was a presenter, editor-in-chief, head of reporting and reporter at Redes Bandeirantes and Record de Televisão. With almost twenty years of journalism, Ludmila also took a fashion course at the London College Fashion at the University of the Arts London, in London, England. In 2016, he published the book “Adonias Filho - A Força da Terra” by Solisluna Editora.
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