Collection: José de Jesus Barreto

Born in Salvador, José de Jesus Barreto has made a living from his writings since 1970, when he began working in print journalism, newspapers and magazines. He also worked on radio, TV and writes books. Through Solisluna Editora, he is the author of the texts of the trilogy 'Entre Amigos' / Fundação Pierre Verger: “Carybé & Verger – Gente da Bahia”, “Carybé, Verger & Caymmi – Mar da Bahia” and “Carybé, Verger & Jorge – Obás da Bahia”. Through the same publisher he released “Candomblé da Bahia – Resistance and Identity of a People of Faith” and “Cacimbo – An experience in Angola”. In partnership with journalist Otto Freitas, he wrote two volumes of the collection 'Gente da Bahia – Perfis' of the Legislative Assembly of Bahia; one about the painter Carybé and the other about Mestre Pastinha, the creator of Capoeira de Angola.
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