Collection: Isadora Moraes

At the age of five, Isadora read aloud the word Leopardi on the back of a famous book of poems placed in a huge pile of works of literature, manifesting for the first time her definitive entry into the world of reading and writing. Coincidence or not, poetry was the genre she chose, since she was a child, to record her way of being in the world, even though all artistic expression, for Isadora, was a way of life, from dance to the visual arts. In the performing arts, he sought a professional path and acted in films and plays, while still a student at the Ufba Theater School. With poetry, he wove the threads of meaning that tied together his experiences and feelings. 

His life, interrupted at the age of 24, in March 2018, was intense and generous in examples of how art can be a means and an end to the construction of a loving, sensitive and free humanity. 

Giselly Lima 

Retrato de Isadora Moraes

Book by Isadora Moraes published by Solisluna