Collection: Everaldo Conceição Duarte

Born in 1937, in the old street called Pedra da Marca, facing the São João slope on Avenida Cardeal da Silva, Everaldo Conceição Duarte grew up experiencing the transformations that took place in the social, economic and religious landscape in the community called Bogum, since the forties. Grandson of Maria Valentina, Mãe Runhó, nephew of Maria Evangelista, Gamo Lokossi, both leaders of this community, each in their own time, was suspended to Ogã Agbagigan in 1942 and confirmed, after much reflection and research. Since then, he has focused on providing guidance and telling stories to younger people interested in Afro-religious issues on the Jeje side. In this universe of lectures, he was telling stories and stories, speaking in Argentina, Benin, Cuba, New York and in several states in Brazil. He graduated as an Economist from the Catholic University of Salvador and was one of the directors of SECNEB, Society of Black Culture in Brazil, and National Coordinator of INTECAB, National Institute of Afro-Brazilian Tradition and Culture.
Retrato de Everaldo Conceição Duarte

Book by Everaldo Conceição Duarte published by Solisluna