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Antônio Matos is a journalist and radio presenter, he also has a degree in Law, graduated from the Federal University of Bahia in 1970, and is a Police Chief. In 1968, he was already a sports reporter at 'Rádio Cruzeiro' and, in 1969, at just 22 years old, he joined, as sports editor, the team that founded 'Tribuna da Bahia', formed by Quintino de Carvalho. In 1974, he left TB for 'Diário de Notícias', where he was editor, columnist and writer. From 1978 to 1980, he worked as a reporter for the Salvador Branch of 'Manchete Esportiva' and as a freelancer for 'O Estado de São Paulo'. In 1981, he went to 'A Tarde', where he stayed until 2004. In addition to being head of reporting for 10 years, he also worked at that periodical as an editor, columnist and writer. He was undersecretary for Social Communication at Salvador City Hall and Social Communication advisor for the Bahia Section of the Brazilian Bar Association, the Court of Justice of the State of Bahia, the Public Security Secretariat and the Public Ministry of Labor in Bahia. Former president of the Bahian Association of Sports Chroniclers (ABCD) and former vice president of the Brazilian Association of Sports Chroniclers (Abrace), he currently holds the position of financial director of the Bahian Press Association (ABI).
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