Museu Virtual Casa de Ganho para As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã

Virtual Museum House of Gain for The Ganhadeiras of Itapuã

Imagine discovering different landscapes in the Itapuã neighborhood in Salvador, from Lagoa do Abaeté to the Itapuã Lighthouse. Now, imagine taking this tour without having to leave home and, best of all, with the animation and musicality of As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã as company . This is the proposal of the Casa de Ganho Virtual Museum, a true journey through space and time having as its central line the trajectory of this regional group that was born in Itapuã, but that has already enchanted the whole of Brazil.

Conceived and carried out by Associação Cultural As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã with the conception, research, design and execution of the immersive experience by Solisluna Design Editora, the project has the financial support of the State of Bahia, through the Secretariat of Culture and the Pedro Calmon Foundation (Program Aldir Blanc Bahia), via the Aldir Blanc Law, directed by the Special Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Tourism, Federal Government.

In an entirely online experience, the Virtual Museum has an interactive structure in which each visitor is invited to discover important milestones in the history of Itapuã, activating icons and commands just using an internet-connected device such as a computer, cell phone or tablet. The Museum's proposal is to offer visitors an exclusive panoramic view of the Itapuã landscape through an immersive experience, including an adaptable interface for the use of virtual reality (VR) glasses.

According to Edvaldo Borges, one of the group's representatives, one of the main objectives of the Casa de Ganho Virtual Museum is “to show the history of the group, its ancestry, relating the old work of gain with what the group does today, taking its musicality around the world".

Honored by the Rio samba school Unidos da Viradouro, with the plot “Viradouro de Alma Lavada” becoming champion of Carnival 2020. As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã is a cultural group born in the neighborhood of Itapuã existing since 2004, with a musical work that characterized by a unique combination of tradition and contemporary times.

Remarkable moments in the group's history are available to visitors in texts, photos and videos; there are exclusive records such as the group's first public performance and meetings of the Ganhadeiras de Itapuã with personalities such as the ialorixá Mãe Stella.

The Casa de Ganho Virtual Museum allows the public to also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Itapuã neighborhood, Lagoa do Abaeté, and the old black women from the colonial period who became the first representative symbol of female empowerment in the country. All this in an innovative format in which each visitor has the freedom to build their own narrative through navigation, making the experience even more unique.

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