Reading together is good!

Solisluna publishes for children and adults. I usually say that our children's books are aimed at people aged 0 to 100. These are works for children, with relevant, sensitive themes, thus promoting necessary dialogues. Stories that entertain, but also make you think. That instigate and provoke questions from our girls and boys - there are so many 'whys', right?

Our books deal with Brazilian culture, our diversity and identity, our traditions, the creative people that are our people, and also issues relevant to today's society, such as inclusion, diversity, migration and differences. We want to stimulate debates, inspire families to talk about new ways of seeing and living the world, without embarrassment, without deafening silences.

Solis News number 4 is a tribute to children. To celebrate their month, we invite everyone to read together. It doesn't require much: just a cozy corner and an interesting piece of work. It even rhymed! Poetry, prose, books with just images, books with music (yes, they exist!), comic books, books that enchant, in short!

Scientific research proves that parents and guardians who read with and to children are creating strong bonds of affection. And they also benefit from shared reading, thus reducing the levels of stress present in the rush of everyday life. For children, reading encourages speech; develops understanding; encourages playfulness, creativity and imagination; expands vocabulary; increases the power of concentration; and promotes mental and emotional well-being.

We at Solisluna are committed to contributing to the construction of a reading society that listens, dialogues and respects.

Let's go together and together?

Valeria Pergentino
Creative partner of Solisluna Design Editora


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