Solisluna Illustration Competition 'The meeting of the sun and the moon' exceeds expectations

When we decided to develop actions to mark Solisluna 's 30th anniversary , now celebrated in 2023, one of them had to be in dialogue with our audience around the world. It was there that the 1st Solisluna Illustration Competition was born (reported in the premiere news), one of the few initiatives carried out in Brazil with this focus. The theme was 'Meeting the Sun with the Moon'.

Our expectations were the best and included reaching a large number of illustrators. After all, the proposal was international in scope and all cultures in the world have their stories and myths about the sun and the moon, which makes this a universal theme. However, the results were much higher than expected for our first competition. From July 3rd to August 3rd, the registration period, 419 visual artists signed up - people from 11 nationalities, five different countries and 25 Brazilian states.

It was cool to see the boldness of the artists, as well as the transcendence of the theme in the works presented. We received digital projects, with very elaborate artwork. However, we were impressed that most of the work was done by hand. We identified more than 25 types of techniques used. Everything with great quality. The age range of the participants also drew attention. We thought that young people would be in greater numbers, but no: more experienced professionals, on average between 40 and 50 years old, signed up. There were a lot of people in their 70s and even a 91-year-old!

After this first stage, in which only the projects that met the regulation criteria remained, we will begin the second phase of selection. In it, a specialized jury is choosing the 30 illustrations for the exhibition to be held later this year. Of these, three will be awarded. The final result will be announced on September 15th.

We still don't know who the winners are, but one thing is certain: this will not be an easy task for our judges!

Valeria Pergentino
Creative partner of Solisluna Design Editora


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