Thanks to our Ancestors

In November, we celebrate Black Consciousness Month. It is another opportunity for us to thank our African ancestors for their immense contribution to the formation of the Brazilian people and the consolidation of our customs, our art and our religiosity. Since its foundation, Solisluna has published books and carried out projects connected to the traditions, memories and stories of this ancestral culture, strongly present in our work.

I highlight some accessible content for the public, which are worth a visit: the Casa de Ganho das Ganhadeiras de Itapuã Virtual Museum is an immersive experience in the beginnings of samba de roda, as well as in its contemporary times, mixing with the creation of the Itapuã neighborhood and the History of colonial Brazil. Conceived and carried out by Associação Cultural As Ganhadeiras de Itapuã, the project involves conception, research, design and execution of the immersive experience by Solisluna Design Editora.

Another very precious content that we have the honor of collaborating with is the Museu Virtual Nações do Candomblé , by master and artist Mateus Aleluia. The project is the result of his ongoing research into Candomblé nations, carried out in Brazil and Africa.

Among the works we publish with a theme focused on our ancestry, some deserve special attention:

- The collection ' African Legends of the Orixás' , by artist Edsoleda Santos. There are already 11 volumes of beautifully illustrated stories about the Orixás. At this moment, Iansã is being designed by the author.

- ' Terreiro do Bogum - Memories of a Jeje-Mahi community in Bahia ' . In its second edition this year, it deals with the story of Candomblé Jeje, told “from the inside”, through the voice of one of its sons, Everaldo Conceição Duarte.

- The renowned artist Goya Lopes, in turn, has two titles in our catalogue: ' Images of the Diáspora' , about the African diaspora in Brazil, written in partnership with Gustavo Falcón; and ' Weaving, an illustrated history ' . Recently, Goya was in Burkina Faso, where he was able to see the entire process of African weaving up close, after researching, writing and drawing for the book.

In Solis News number 5 , still as part of the tributes to Black Consciousness Month, we bring an interview with Bel Santos Mayer , activist for anti-racist causes, books and community libraries, entitled ' Parelheiros idas e vi(n)das: read, travel and move with a library ' , we were fortunate to publish in partnership with Selo Emília.

And we are happy to announce the Encounter of the Sun with the Moon Exhibition , the result of the Illustration Competition of the same name promoted as part of Solisluna's 30th anniversary celebrations. The exhibition runs until December 17th.

We are waiting for you for this meeting!

Valeria Pergentino
Creative partner of Solisluna Design Editora


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